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International Hotel, Golden Sands Resort, Varna, Bulgaria
14-15 JUNE 2018

Varna is located in the northern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and it is situated approximately 450 km away from Sofia, the country’s capital city.

Golden Sands Resort is one of the oldest and biggest summer resorts in Bulgaria, and it is located nearly 17 km away from the city of Varna.

The city of Varna can be reached by flight from Europe and Sofia to Varna airport. During the summer season the most popular flights are Vienna – Varna, Frankfurt – Varna, Istanbul – Varna, London – Varna and Sofia – Varna.

Varna city can also be reached from other cities in the country by bus to Varna bus station or by train to Varna railway station.

The trip from Varna airport to Golden Sands Resort and vice versa can be done by bus № 409 as well as by taxi.

In case you choose to travel by bus № 409, please consult the timetable available at In order to reach your accommodation (International Hotel, Admiral Hotel, Sofia Hotel or Primasol Sunrise Hotel), you will need to get off at the final bus stop located in Golden Sands Resort and go to your hotel on foot. Please look at the map below to get a better idea of the hotels’ location as well as of the location of the final stop of bus № 409.

Златни пясъци

In case you don’t want to travel by bus, we will provide you with direct transfers from Varna airport to International Hotel, Admiral Hotel, Sofia Hotel and Primasol Sunrise Hotel through specialised transport for wheelchair users as well as taxi transportation. If you would like to be transferred directly to your hotel, please contact Ilina Cholakova at least 24 hours prior to your flight via phone at +359 (0) 884 688 455 or e-mail at